Production complex enterprise consists of workshops, equipped with modern equipment, cold rooms for storage of raw materials and finished products. The production process takes place under scrutiny qualified technologists.

The range of TM "Iceberg" is present cold-smoked fish, smoked, dried, salted, fish preserves. The types and prices of fish and sea products are designed for a wide range of consumers.

Brand "Iceberg" guarantees the quality of products and maintaining the technology of production - production of Berg and tasty, and healthy! Wholesale purchases of fish and sea products, please contact the head office of the company "Iceberg", telephone, fax and e-mail, refer to "Contacts".

Production technology preserves

In the production of preserves TM "Iceberg" fish is pre-processing salt with sugar and spices, then aged to maturity, then brought to the final prescription type and packed. As preservative is used with the addition of salt in some cases, acetic acid or a mineral or organic antiseptics origin possessing bactericidal properties. For the preparation of preserves TM "Iceberg" is used only high quality raw materials: the Atlantic and the Norwegian herring, mackerel, salmon, trout fat content of not less than 5%.

Use in cooking preserves flavors and aromatic additives, the use of various spices, fruits, vegetables and vegetable oil, allow to create products with the rich flavor of the original scheme and interesting recipes. Applied fill: sunflower oil, mayonnaise, pickles, spicy filling, acetic sunflower filling, lemon and other fill. Preserves are packed in plastic disposable containers.

Production of salted fish

The company is currently "Iceberg" offers a wide range of traditional salted fish - herring, sprat, capelin, sprat, mackerel, salmon, herring.

During production of salted fish subjected to special treatment, while retaining their useful qualities under normal storage conditions. Also takes into account the degree of fat, producing accurate level control saturable salt to produce excellent palatability. Ambassador fish provides a semi-finished product for further processing (cold smoked, dried, etc.).

Salted fish TM "Iceberg" is made only from high quality raw materials in high-tech modern equipment. Only fish and salt and nothing more!

Vacuum packing of fish and seafood

Vacuum packing of fish and seafood can increase their shelf life several times. In addition, the package allows you to keep the taste and aroma of fish, improve protsesssoleniya and pickling (in an airless environment salting fish or spices impregnation is carried out much faster), to preserve vitamins and attractive appearance. In addition, the sale of fish, vacuum packaging makes it very easy to package it into manageable portions for the consumer.

Production of cold-smoked fish

In the production of cold-smoked fish smoked using traditional technology - a natural smoke using hardwood sawdust. Smoking can save the product for a long time without the use of preservatives.

In the process of cold-smoked fish gets very appetizing specific taste, smell and attractive appearance.

Buyers are offered the following types of smoked fish: capelin, anchovy, goby, Vomero, squid, saury, herring, putasu, herring, mackerel, salmon, bream, catfish, salmon, trout.

Production of hot-smoked fish

Special taste and aroma of smoked fish has. Hot smoking occurs at high temperatures in special smoking chambers. This treatment makes the fish tender and juicy, with a very tasty meat. The range includes mackerel, herring, and various rolls and sandwiches.