Fish and seafood Ukraine - the company "Iceberg" offers excellent conditions on the market of fish and sea products. We invite you to cooperate with retail chains, dealers, distributors. We guarantee the quality of products, compliance technologies for storage, processing, production and delivery.

Quality assurance

Products brand "Iceberg" is produced by traditional, classical technologies, with clear and strict observance of technological processes and formulations. Smoked fish and delicacies only natural way that allows us to give special products appetizing aroma and taste. The company has its own laboratory, where staff produce continuous monitoring of quality indicators and characteristics of the products.

TM "Iceberg" - a guarantee of quality fish and sea products!


Own fleet of vehicles allows for the timely delivery of products in retail chains and stores all regions of Ukraine. If necessary, you can use our storage warehouse. Temperature control technology allows adhere strictly to storage.


Output, first of all we think about our clients and customers. For us it is very important feedback - if you have any comments, suggestions, and even more complaints and criticism, please contact any convenient manner, phone numbers, e-mail and fax number listed in the contacts. Do not be silent - call, write, report! Our quality department carefully examines all incoming messages and respond to them. We are important suggestions for improving the product for any comments, suggestions to increase the range, as well as comments and suggestions on the work of the trade network, our distributors, dealers and sales agents.