About Company


Company "Iceberg" offers excellent conditions on the market of fishery and marine products. Welcome to cooperate shopping online, dealers, distributors. We guarantee the quality of products, maintaining the technology of storage, processing, production and delivery.

Private enterprise "Iceberg" was founded in December 1996. In the process of development to gradually increase production capacity and production volumes, create a cohesive and reliable team of professionals. The company currently occupies a significant and stable market position in the fishing, marine and lean production.

The main activity of the company is a fish and seafood processing, retail and wholesale of frozen fish and own products. Current production is divided into several main groups.


The range of TM "Iceberg" is present cold-smoked fish, smoked, dried, salted, fish preserves, canned. By types and price characteristics of products designed for a wide range of consumers:
• Preserves made of fish
• Canned
• Cold smoked fish
• Hot smoked fish
• Salted fish
• Fish in vacuum packing
• Pre-packed frozen fish



The industrial complex consists of the production halls equipped with modern equipment, cold rooms for storage of raw materials and finished products. The production process takes place under scrutiny skilled technologists.



Own fleet of vehicles, enables timely delivery of products in retail chains and stores all regions of Ukraine. If necessary, you can use our storage warehouse. Temperature control technology allows strictly observe the mode of storage products.


Brand "Iceberg" is produced by traditional, classical technologies, with clear and precise observance of technological processes and formulations. Smoking of fish and delicacies only natural way that allows us to give the products especially appetizing aroma and taste. The company has its own laboratory which employees produce continuous monitoring of quality indicators and characteristics of the products.

TM "Iceberg" - a guarantee of the quality of fish and sea products!